Statement by acting general secretary Gail Cartmail on...

Statement by acting general secretary Gail Cartmail on the publication of the union’s Officers’ National Committee report

19 January 2017
Responding to the publication today (Thursday) of an officers’ committee report into the stresses of modern-day working by a candidate for the position of Unite general secretary candidate, acting general secretary Gail Cartmail said:

“It is a matter of serious concern that a report prepared for consideration and action by Unite is now being used by candidates for the position of general secretary of this union.
“This report has been subject to considerable misrepresentation in the media.  Those seeking to reach the highest office in our union should not be reinforcing this misrepresentation by engaging in campaigning that brings this union into disrepute.
“It is also completely wrong to claim that this report was suppressed.  It was compiled by Unite officers keen to ensure that the union understood the stresses of lone working and of representing members in distress.  As is correct, the officers are now working with the general secretary and myself as acting general secretary on how to best take forward the report’s recommendations.

“Further, there was not and has not been one single complaint of mistreatment of Unite officers by their colleagues.  Had there been, this union would not hesitate to take the appropriate action against the offender/s.
“Unite remains fully committed to supporting our officers at work, including working with them to develop the appropriate responses to their concerns and rolling out across the union a comprehensive Dignity at Work programme.”

The report was compiled by the Officers’ National Committee in 2016.


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