Scottish Widows: 83% Oppose NY Bank Holiday Working Hours

Scottish Widows: 83% Oppose NY Bank Holiday Working Hours

29 August 2012

David Kelly, Unite Seconded Representative
Scottish Widows: Insurance Operations in Edinburgh

Scottish Widows members have voted overwhelmingly to reject proposed changes to New Year opening hours that will see staff in Edinburgh work through the Scottish Bank Holiday.

Lloyds Banking Group has consulted with Unite on its decision to change the New Year Bank Holiday of 2nd January to a working day for Insurance Operations staff.
Unite have been clear throughout that we are opposed to this change. The Bank listened to our arguments and agreed to proceed only if volunteers could be sought for these additional hours. 

As the Bank failed to recruit volunteers for these hours, Unite returned to the membership. The results of this consultation are clear:
•    Happy: 5%
•    Not Fussed: 12%
•    Not happy: 83%

Under the new recognition agreement between Lloyds Banking Group and Unite, the union will now take the first step of a Collective Disputes Resolution Procedure.

If a mutually acceptable agreement cannot be reached the issue may have to go to external arbitration. If the Bank chooses not to reconsider the proposal, this may be followed by a consultative ballot for industrial action.

Unite will continue to consult and update members throughout these discussions. For the latest news visit or contact