Unite News http://www.google.co.uk/ The latest stories Unite. en-gb Tue, 31 Jul 2012 22:32:57 GMT Copyright (C) www.rippleffect.com 15 HSE fatal injury statistics published 2 July 2013 - comment from the Unite Rural and Agricultural Sector There were 29 fatal injuries to workers in agriculture, compared to the average of 36 for the previous five years. The rate of fatal injury in 2012/13 is 8.8, compared to the five-year average rate of 11.1. While that is a reduction, it is still a fifth of all worker fatalities (148). http://www.unitetheunion.org/unite-at-work/healthsafety/healthsafetynews/hsefatalinjurystatisticspublished2july2013commentfromtheuniteruralandagriculturalsector/default.aspx tcm:11-11725 Fri, 5 Jul 2013 17:15:29 -0000 Unite warns of 'rogue' employers exploiting Agricultural Wages Board confusion The Agricultural Wages Board is formally abolished today http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/unitewarnsofrogueemployersexploitingagriculturalwagesboardconfusion/default.aspx tcm:11-11435 Tue, 25 Jun 2013 11:48:00 -0000 Unite welcomes Welsh Government’s approach to agricultural workers and commitment to rural community Unite, the largest union in the UK, has welcomed today’s (30 April) announcement by the Welsh Government to go forward with a consultation to consider options for setting up an Agricultural Wages Board (AWB) in Wales. http://www.unitetheunion.org/how-we-help/listofregions/wales/walesenglish/newsevents/unitewalesinthenews/unitewelcomeswelshgovernmentsapproachtoagriculturalworkersandcommitmenttoruralcommunity/default.aspx tcm:11-10021 Tue, 30 Apr 2013 17:15:29 -0000 Churchill’s words come back to haunt Tories on axing the Agricultural Wages Board The Conservatives should heed the words of their former leader, Winston Churchill who said that it was ‘a national evil’ for agricultural workers to receive less than a living wage. http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/churchillswordscomebacktohaunttoriesonaxingtheagriculturalwagesboard/default.aspx tcm:11-9844 Wed, 24 Apr 2013 14:35:55 -0000 ‘No debate, no vote, no democracy’ as the Agricultural Wages Board is abolished today The fact that more than 60 years of pay protection for 150,000 rural workers in England and Wales was abolished today (Tuesday 16 April) without a proper parliamentary debate is ‘a national disgrace’, Unite said. http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/nodebatenovotenodemocracyastheagriculturalwagesboardisabolishedtoday/default.aspx tcm:11-9345 Tue, 16 Apr 2013 18:21:08 -0000 Eastbourne Lib Dem MP to be lobbied on Agricultural Wages Board The Liberal Democrat MP for Eastbourne, Stephen Lloyd, will be lobbied on Thursday 11 April in the run-up to MPs voting on the future of the Agricultural Wages Board http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/eastbournelibdemmptobelobbiedonagriculturalwagesboard/default.aspx tcm:11-9062 Tue, 9 Apr 2013 09:27:05 -0000 Norwich Lib Dem MP to be lobbied over Agricultural Wages Board The Liberal Democrat MP for Norwich South, Simon Wright will be lobbied on Thursday in the run-up to MPs voting on the future of the Agricultural Wages Board http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/norwichlibdemmptobelobbiedoveragriculturalwagesboard/default.aspx tcm:11-9035 Mon, 8 Apr 2013 09:47:47 -0000 Child labour threat, if Agricultural Wages Board is axed The abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board could lead to children working on the land being exploited, an international union representing agricultural workers has warned http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/childlabourthreatifagriculturalwagesboardisaxed/default.aspx tcm:11-9007 Thu, 4 Apr 2013 14:37:49 -0000 Lib Dem minister to be lobbied over Agricultural Wages Board David Heath will be lobbied on Saturday 6 April as Unite intensifies its campaign in the run-up to MPs voting on the future of the Agricultural Wages Board http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/libdemministertobelobbiedoveragriculturalwagesboard/default.aspx tcm:11-8970 Wed, 3 Apr 2013 12:33:33 -0000 TUC and Unite call on Prince of Wales to lead by example on rural workers' pay TUC and Unite call on Prince of Wales to take a leading role in protecting the pay and conditions of his estate’s workers if government plans to abolish the Agricultural Wages Board go ahead. http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/tucandunitecallonprinceofwalestoleadbyexampleonruralworkerspay/default.aspx tcm:11-8879 Fri, 29 Mar 2013 10:37:33 -0000 Lib Dem MPs to be lobbied in final battle to save the Agricultural Wages Board Lib Dem MPs in areas such as the West Country could hold the key to stopping the coalition’s plans to abolish the AWB http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/libdemmpstobelobbiedinfinalbattletosavetheagriculturalwagesboard/default.aspx tcm:11-8324 Fri, 8 Mar 2013 15:09:30 -0000 House of Lords to vote on future of Agricultural Wages Board A crucial vote in the House of Lords tomorrow on the Agricultural Wages Board could affect the livelihoods of 150,000 agricultural workers in England and Wales. http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/houseoflordstovoteonfutureofagriculturalwagesboard/default.aspx tcm:11-8042 Tue, 5 Mar 2013 14:31:12 -0000 Farm workers keep up the pressure on farming minister over Agricultural Wages Board Farm workers and supporters campaigning to save the AWB will return to the Frome surgery of Liberal Democrat agriculture and food minister, David Heath this Saturday (2 March). http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/farmworkerskeepupthepressureonfarmingministeroveragriculturalwagesboard/default.aspx tcm:11-7803 Thu, 28 Feb 2013 15:05:04 -0000 Weekend protests at threat to Agricultural Wages Board Members are staging two protests this weekend – at the Savoy and at the Somerset constituency ‘surgery’ of farm minister – to save the AWB. http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/weekendprotestsatthreattoagriculturalwagesboard/default.aspx tcm:11-6785 Thu, 31 Jan 2013 12:16:40 -0000 Unite welcomes Welsh Assembly move to reject motion to abolish the Agricultural Wages Board It is refreshing to see that one government – the Welsh government – is standing up for agricultural workers. http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/unitewelcomeswelshassemblymovetorejectmotiontoabolishtheagriculturalwagesboard/default.aspx tcm:11-6763 Wed, 30 Jan 2013 12:15:29 -0000 Farm life to rock Commons in attempt to stop poverty pay Angry farm workers will bring the countryside to Westminster to demand an end to the coalition government’s attempts to push rural workers in to poverty. http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/farmlifetorockthecommonsinattempttostoppovertypay/default.aspx tcm:11-4212 Mon, 12 Nov 2012 00:30:29 -0000 PM warned speedy Agricultural Wages Board consultation process could be ‘unlawful’ Len McCluskey said: “Our legal advisers are reviewing the extent to which the government’s approach to this consultation has been lawful.” http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/pmwarnedspeedyagriculturalwagesboardconsultationprocesscouldbeunlawful/default.aspx tcm:11-4110 Tue, 6 Nov 2012 15:00:40 -0000 Angry ‘badgers’ to protest against the ‘cull’ of the Agricultural Wages Board There are just days to stop the abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/angrybadgerstoprotestagainsttheculloftheagriculturalwagesboard/default.aspx tcm:11-3978 Wed, 31 Oct 2012 16:00:29 -0000