RBS Cuts Roles in CIB Services Restructure: Unite Reaction

RBS Cuts Roles in CIB Services Restructure

19 October 2015

RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) have announced job cuts in CIB services. Following ongoing consultation with Unite to defend jobs, any potential staff exits will take place between November 2015 and the second quarter of 2016.

The proposal announced by the bank today will be followed by one-to-one discussions with any affected employees.

What Happens Next?

Following consultation with Unite earlier this year, the Bank created the Services Capability Programme (SCP). The Programme seeks to create a database of individuals’ skills, against which vacancies can be mapped. The Bank will use the SCP to map staff whose roles are being removed to suitable alternative roles. Work has already been done on this process.

The Bank will also open a voluntary redundancy ‘window’, during which time affected staff will be able to signal their desire to take that option. Voluntary Job Matching is also an option, whereby colleagues who are not impacted may be able to swap and take voluntary redundancy.

Unite's Position:

Unite’s primary concern is that RBS members are treated fairly and their jobs are protected as far as is possible. The bank has given Unite an assurance that they wish to find alternative jobs for as many current employees as they can and we will continue to work with them to see that objective met.

Where can I get advice?

Unite members can find more information about the announcement and the union's ongoing consultation here.

Unite members can contact or call the Unite in RBS Helpline on 0870 241 4425