Protest and lobby of parliament against the Immigration bill

Protest and lobby of parliament against the Immigration bill

21 October 2013

Unite, the UK’s largest union, will be joining a lobby tomorrow (Tuesday 22 October) at 10:30, on College Green opposite parliament ahead of an MPs' vote on the Immigration bill at its second reading.

In the myriad of hostile legislation brought in by this coalition government this has to rank as one of the most regressive bills yet to be introduced.

The bill, if passed, will return to the dark days of doors being slammed in the face of black and Asians, along with the 'Irish and dogs', as it seeks to turn landlords into border guards checking immigration status with three thousand pound fines if they neglect to do so.

Steve Turner, Unite assistant general secretary, said: "Unite has already said it would support health workers who insist on treating migrants. Not only is this morally the right thing to do it is also pragmatic. If people, who may have an infectious disease are afraid to go to hospital then any contagion would quickly spread.

"This measure plays to the ‘dog whistle’ tactics of health tourism. It is a myth. In reality migrants don’t come here to use the NHS, they come here to work in the NHS.

"The bill is a further erosion of people’s rights as it proposes a complete shrinking of appeal rights and an increase in appeals that can only be made from abroad. As it is Home Office decision making is poor and around 40 per cent of appeals succeed.

"This bill brought, in for cynical political gain, must be defeated."

Immigration has brought benefits into the UK both culturally, socially and economically and we reject the aim of the home secretary Theresa May, who has said she wants to turn the UK into a hostile environment.


For further information contact the Unite press office on 020 3371 2065.

Notes to editors:

  • Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union with 1.4 million members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Len McCluskey