Pledge to repeal pro-privatisation NHS act welcomed by Unite

Pledge to repeal pro-privatisation NHS act welcomed by Unite

03 October 2012

Labour’s pledge to repeal the pro-privatisation Health and Social Care Act was strongly supported by Unite, the country’s largest trade union with 100,000 members in the health service.

Unite said that today’s (Wednesday) speech by shadow Labour health secretary, Andy Burnham ripping into the government’s health policy and the new ‘invisible’ health secretary Jeremy Hunt was “a beacon of hope for all those that wanted to maintain the founding values and ethos of the NHS.” 

Unite’s head of health Rachael Maskell said: “We warmly welcome Andy Burnham’s pledge to reverse the rapid privatisation of the NHS when a new Labour government comes to office and repeals the act. 

“His speech was a beacon of hope for all those who value the principles and reality of a universal service, free at the point of delivery, for all those in need.

“Evidence that the privatisation of the NHS in England is running amok can be seen in nearly 400 community services being put out to tender to private companies – people did not vote for this massive upheaval at the general election of May 2010.

“Patients were conned by David Cameron and his bogus promise that the NHS was safe in his hands. The only people benefiting are the private companies which will cream off massive profits from these contracts.

“The next general election in 2015 will be a referendum on the state of the NHS and even safe Tory seats will be under threat if the coalition continues on this disastrous path to privatisation, which is an anathema to the electorate as a whole.”


For further information please contact Unite communications officer Shaun Noble on 07768 693940