News digest 9 November 2012

News digest 9 November 2012

09 November 2012

The living wage opens the digest as the Mirror reports that the DIY chain B&Q has been caught up in a deepening pay row after staff were offered a miserly two per cent pay rise after three years of pay freezes which means many staff working in the firm’s warehouse at Branston are seeing pay eroded to below the living wage, and Unite has also highlighted differences between other workers at the site – employed by another firm – who receive higher pay. Although the company denies the claim, Unite officer Rick Coyle has been banned from the site after claiming some staff could not even afford to eat more than one meal a day, Unite is calling on parent company Kingfisher to take responsibility and raise wage levels. And the living wage is also an issue in the Houses of Parliament as the mail reports that 181 MPs are failing to pay their staff a living wage. Time for MPs to practice what they preach (in Labour circles at least) although there are some questionable practices among MPs. Bedford MP Nadine Dorries may have escaped to the jungle to avoid the row about employing her daughters even though they had other jobs, a few of the papers mention that Denis MacShane could still face prosecution over his expenses and ex Labour MP Margaret Moran features in a number of the papers as although she is being tried over expenses fraud, the judge has said she is not fit to be convicted due to mental health issues.

And trial by twitter has also come to the fore after a TV stunt on This Morning saw a presenter hand over a list of ‘suspects’ in the child abuse scandal live on TV to prime minister David Cameron. Worryingly the list was facing camera broadcasting names to the country, although the presenter has apologised Cameron has warned that the scandal is in danger of turning into a witch-hunt. The Guardian front page notes that it has seen new evidence that ‘mistaken identity’ led to the top Tory abuse claim, the truth will out, but it takes time.

Other stories show more misery for the high street as Morrisons reports poor sales, McDonald’s reports its first loss since 2003 and Comet nears collapse. In industry Siemens has signalled a wave of potential job losses, Balfour’s profits have been hit, G4S lost its prison contracts after the Olympics debacle, FlyBe is looking for savings, EADS has been hit by superjumbo repair costs while IAG has announced an offer for Vueling. The government’s aviation policy and taxes are attacked in the Telegraph, and there may be more pressure for chancellor as shadow chancellor Ed Balls will call a vote on delaying the planned rise in fuel duty. That could mean more bad news for the chancellor with the anti-Midas touch…


 Morning Star (limited weblinks due to network/IT problems at Holborn)

 Daily Mirror


  • 3p fuel ambush as Labour calls for fuel tax rise to be dropped (p4)
  • G4S jails bid blow (p4)
  • Welby lands top CofE job – Trevor Kavanagh (p8)
  • Cameron blast trial by tweet (p9)
  • MPs: Nadine Dorries to be probed (p15)
  • Fiddle MP court let-off (p23)
  • Why the union must back a free press, not stifle it – Bob Satchwell (p42)
  • Morrisons boss urged to review failing plans (p52)
  • FlyBe trials automated counters (p52)
  • Union blast at Lloyds ‘bullies’ (p53)


  • Council’s top earners face axe (p2)
  • Outcry as Cameron ambushed on TV (p5)
  • Pleb storm Tory defends £16 million gift to ‘rogue’ state (p21)
  • Hooked on slots (p24)
  • Moran ‘forged invoices’ (p25)
  • Morrisons gears up for festive fightback (p71)
  • Mirror in sales slump (p71)
  • G4S locked out of prison deals (p71)
  • BA makes £89 million offer for Vueling (p71)
  • Profits hit at Balfour (p710


  • Greening axes aid payout to India (p2)
  • Get behind me, Obama tells Republicans (p6)
  • PM warns of witch-hunt after Schofield ambush (p7)
  • Cheat MP too depressed to attend court (p9)
  • Cameron obsessed with fads, says tops aide (p10)
  • Britain would thrive if we left the EU – Daniel Hannan (p14)
  • MPs and fairness – no living wage for MPs aides (p18) – Unite cited
  • Bank rejects more QE as rates held again (p79)
  • Morrisons shakes up team (p71)
  • Prison doors slam shut on troubled G4S (p79)
  • Fees may force FlyBe overseas (p80)
  • Balfour could cut poor performers (p80)
  • IAG eyeing Vueling (p81)

 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • New archbishop to pour oil on troubled waters (p1)
  • Trial by twitter fears (p5)
  • MP unfit to stand trial (p7)
  • ELO star killed by ‘farm safety blunder’ (p21)
  • G4S loses prison privileges (p47)
  • Morrisons rings the changes (p48)
  • IAG seeks low cost route to recovery (p50)
  • Hard landing in City as FlyBe makes £1.3 million loss (p50)
  • Questions asked as recovery fails to take off (p53)
  • Dairy Crest counts cots of deal with farmers (p54)
  • Siemens signals job losses (p55)


  • Cameron: This could turn into a witch-hunt (p1/4)
  • Mates faces police investigation (p2)
  • NHS complaints rise by 50 per cent (p6)
  • The case against Margaret Moran (p8)
  • G4S pays price for Olympics shambles (p10)
  • We want to reform the EU, not leave it – Douglas Alexander (p17)
  • Fuel duty test for government (p26)
  • Morrisons’ sales going stale (p62)
  • EADS hit by superjumbo repair costs (p63)



  • HSBC faces investigation into money laundering (p1/4-5)
  • Council bosses say goodbye to fat payoffs (p1)
  • Cameron warns of witch-hunt (p18)
  • Osborne facing vote to delay fuel duty rise (p1)
  • MP forged invoices (p15)
  • Use your holiday home, or lose it to the state (p17)
  • Apple loses top spot to rival Samsung (b1)
  • Olympics costs G4S prison contracts (b1)
  • McDonald’s in first sales fall since 2003 (b1)
  • Government worse than ‘Yes minister’ on aviation policy (b3)
  • IAG looks to tighten Spanish grip (b3)
  • Balfour puts European rail business on review (b5)

 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Incoming archbishop keeps bank panel role (p1)
  • MPs to probe London job losses (p2)
  • From boardroom to pulpit (p3)
  • Prison outsourcing in turmoil (p4)
  • Siemens pledges €6 billion cost cutting plan (p19)
  • Balfour Beatty warns on profits (p20)
  • EADS chief’s concern over cash targets (p22)
  • Guarded welcome for EU drive to help car industry (p22)

Edited by Mik Sabiers

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