News digest 8 October 2012

News digest 8 October 2012

08 October 2012

Today’s digest opens with congratulations to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who has won a fourth term in office. Opposition leader Henrique Capriles conceded defeat after Chavez gained 54 per cent to his challenger’s 45 per cent. Chavez said Venezuela would continue its march towards socialism but also vowed he would be a "better president".

Back in Britain and in sore need of pledging to be a better prime minister David Cameron survived the first day of the Tory party conference in Birmingham. The Morning Star reports that delegates arrived to a sea of campaigners demanding an end to austerity with Unite regional secretary Gerard Coyne saying: “We need to stand up for our rights. There is an alternative” as he urged everyone to join the #Oct20 demonstration, just 12 more days to go...

Within the conference centre the mood was subdued, London mayor Boris did his usual turn adding to the expectation ahead of his two addresses to conference. Today he will speak at the a ConservativeHome rally while he addresses the floor tomorrow. As the economy continues to drift in the double-dip doldrums the Tories continue to bang the austerity drum, Cameron is trying to reach out to the ‘strivers’ in society, while Boris wants to speak up for the ‘ignored’ middle class. The reality is laid out in the Indie which says ‘welcome to the nasty party conference’ and it’s down to chancellor George Osborne to argue for more cuts, with another £10 billion to be hacked from the welfare bill. And it is the poor who will suffer as Wonga tries to sign a deal with Newcastle for sponsorship the Indie reports that payday loan firms have been raided by watchdogs over irresponsible actions. The Mirror follows up on a Unite film that shows that almost 15 per cent of children regularly go without a hot meal and sees the number of food banks on the increase. Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “The government has set us on a path to poverty. It is time to stand up – we won’t accept the cruelty of cuts, we won’t stand by while the hopes of decent people are crushed.”

Away from conference and looking at industry many of the papers continue to follow up on the BAE–EADS merger. With just two days left to sort out the details the Times reports that Osborne says security and jobs come first, then again he said the UK economy would be growing by now. There’s an interesting infographic in the Indie which shows all the lobbyists behind the deal, although there’s no mention of the commission, but expect business to win out and workers to be hit, the Mail thinks up to 50,000 UK jobs could be at risk, don’t bank on the coalition to back the workers over the consultants, after all look at the Bombardier deal or West Coast mainline fiasco both of which have been shunted out of the headlines, government, intervention and action all seem to be alien to this current Con-Dem shambles...

Morning Star


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Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Go green or we quit, firms tell Osborne (p1)
  • Secrets of the tax avoiders (p1/4-50)
  • Heads plan for a Royal College of Teaching (p6)
  • £10 billion welfare cuts mean no housing benefit for school leavers (p8)
  • PM fails to impress on Europe (p8)
  • Lawyers could refuse to appear at night courts (p13)
  • My 2020 vision for a Boris Johnson cabinet – Tim Montgomerie (p19)
  • Admiral mulls extreme measures for 1,150 pubs (p33)
  • Future of nation’s highways is off-road, says CBI (p35)
  • Security and BAE jobs comes first, insists Osborne (p36)
  • Electrolux chief executive Keith McLoughlin interviewed (p43)








FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Austerity squeeze set to last until 2018 (p1)
  • Invesco voices concerns over BAE tie-up (p1)
  • Osborne confirms £10 billion cuts (p2)
  • PM to review freedom of movement (p2)
  • Bad news forecast for embattled chancellor (p3)
  • Consultancy cuts blamed for rail fiasco (p3)
  • Aluminium: Analysis of key commodity (p11)
  • Austerity will only deepen Greek woes – Wolfgang Münchau (p13)
  • Foxconn hit by fresh unrest at iPhone 5 factory (p19)
  • UK lays down red line over BAE deal (p18)
  • Eithad set for code-share deal with Air France-KLM (p20)


Edited by Mik Sabiers