News digest 5 October 2012

News digest 5 October 2012

05 October 2012

So the Labour party conference closes in Manchester with Ed Miliband gaining praise for a good week for him and the party – even as some of the right wing papers try to stir up a storm about academies – all eyes switch to Birmingham for the Tories next week which is looking likely to have a number of headaches for prime minister David Cameron ranging from chief whip Andrew Mitchell not turning up over pleb-gate and the new Tory party chair Grant Shapps (or is it Michael Green) being investigated by the ASA. Liam Fox attacks the Tory leadership in the Telegraph saying it has lost touch with the blue collar vote, that will be all the more challenging as Ed Miliband is hovering with his one-nation [Blue] Labour call. Boris Johnson is also out and about calling for a new London airport, but the big headache is the West Coast rail fiasco which looks like it may have legs and lead to ministerial resignations.

As some civil servants hit back over being blamed for the problems with the deal the approach to transport and long franchises is challenged. The Mirror also picks up on a call for other train deals to be examined, especially the Siemens versus Bombardier Thameslink one, were the same advisors involved and was Theresa Villiers shifted to Northern Ireland to steer clear of the fallout?

And there could be fallout in the BAE-EADS deal which continues to develop. The EADS chief Thomas Enders says he is open to offering job guarantees, however former UK chancellor Alistair Darling sounds a note of caution in the FT saying the UK could suffer if the government does not retain its equity stake in the group.

From defence to the roads and there is good news as car sales surged last month as the new 62 registration was launched. Private sales rose by 14.3 per cent with almost 360,000 cars shifted in September, although that does not stop former US treasury adviser Steven Rattner calling for Europe’s car industry to be consolidated in the FT citing that 30 of the 98 assembly plants are producing below capacity, perhaps he’s forgotten there’s a recession on?

And talking of roads the Morning Star follows up on the planned strike be Tesco lorry drivers which could leave stores with empty shelves by early next week as drivers walk out over a dispute which is driving down their terms, conditions and threatens their livelihoods.

And people remain under pressure as a few of the papers report that food prices are reaching crisis levels, while if there’s any food left in stores TUC research shows that workers are now £1,600 worse off a year after the cuts so far and the Guardian is one of the many papers that follows up on benefit cuts saying a million working adults will face further benefits cuts next year , it’s not so bad at the other end as many of papers follow up on the news of a report by MPs which revealed that the BBC has 25,000 staff on off-the-book contracts which helps them pay less tax, when will these loopholes be closed?

And finally if you are looking forward to that Friday feeling the Sun has a lighter piece and reports on research by Swiss bank UBS which has found that it takes Brits 15 minutes to earn enough to pay for a pint. Be thankful you don’t live in India where it takes almost an hour, while quickest came the US with just four minutes, then again if you’ve ever had US lager I’m still not sure you’re getting your money’s worth, try Germany instead where thirsty work of six minutes will buy you a rather glorious pint of Berliner Bürgerbräu, prost!

Morning Star

 Daily Mirror




 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Liberty takers (p1) [BBC tax row]
  • Rail fiasco sparks call for HS2 rethink (p6)
  • Boris backs Stansted hub (p6)
  • Too many unskilled migrants, says Miliband (p25)
  • Don’t risk victory under false pretences, Ed – Philip Collins [ tell Miliband to outline cuts] (p29)
  • Romney rocks the vote (p35)
  • Spotlight on key advisors in franchise fiasco (p51)
  • Bank [of England] job is next to impossible (p53)
  • Sales of new cars finally find another gear (p55)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Johnson launches drive for new powers (p1/2)
  • Miliband boosts prime ministerial ratings (p2)
  • Civil servants furious at ‘scapegoating’ (p3)
  • FSA calls for banks crisis plan (p4)
  • Public sector tax avoidance ‘innapropriate’, say MPs (p4)
  • Welfare plans hit working poor (p4)
  • Romney dominates glum president (p6)
  • Europe needs a smaller car industry – Steven Rattner (p13)
  • BAE tie-up bad for UK interests, warns darling (p17)
  • UK hopes BAE deal will cement its role at Airbus (p19) – Unite cited
  • Dispute hits Japan car sales in China (p20)

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