News digest 5 November 2012

News digest 5 November 2012

05 November 2012

The digest opens with a united call form Ed and David Miliband for workers to be paid not just a minimum wage, but a proper living wage. Building on Unite general secretary Len McCluskey’s call for an immediate £1 increase in the minimum wage the Labour leader Ed Miliband is today expected to propose a three point plan to get firms to pay their workers a living wage; those that refuse to pay the living wage will lose out on government contracts. London mayor Boris Johnson today backed Miliband’s call for London’s workers.

Still on the public sector and the Centre for Policy Studies is focused on the cost of public sector pensions which it says taxpayers will have to shell out over £1,200 a year to support. However this is despite government reports saying the situation was sorted and the fact that the Hutton report said the scheme is fully funded going forward. Looks like another attack on the public sector is on the cards.

Could that be because prime minister David Cameron is under pressure. The prime minister has sloped off to the Gulf to sell Typhoon jets on a three day visit to the region. He might also be happy to get away from more revealing texts from former News International chief Rebekah Brookes which were leaked over the weekend.

Still overseas and a few of the papers follow up on the news over the weekend that thousands of teachers and other public sector workers are employed by offshore companies with taxpayers losing out on millions of pounds in national insurance contributions. One Sark based firm employs 24,000 agency workers, mainly supply teachers, and as the agency is based offshore it does not need to the employers contribution to national insurance, yet another way for companies to cream off profits at the expense of ordinary workers.

There are signs that politicians are starting to see the level of anger and the treasury select committee has announced it has plans to investigate the US companies at the centre of the UK tax avoidance controversy, the Sun today reports that Apple pays just two per cent tax on its overseas profits, time for the committee to get a move on and don’t just investigate, but take action to stop the schemes.

And that brings the digest to an end with a challenge between the man who calls for hope, president Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney the man who offshores jobs and would have let the car industry collapse. Tomorrow is election day and while Obama’s aides are confident of a win, hope that they are right as you don’t want to image the Romneyshambles of Mitt in the White House, vote early, vote often and vote Obama…

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Committal hearings to be dropped for quicker justice (p16)
  • Cameron takes off to sell Typhoons to Gulf states (p19)
  • Clegg makes childcare his new priority (p19)
  • Nurses must have a degree and more responsibility (p23)
  • Power plant takes green route as coal enters its ‘slow death’ (p37)
  • Monday interview: BT’s Ian Livingston (p44-45)
  • Parrot prepares to take to the sky (p48) [Fastjet mascot]




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Obama’s advisers confident of victory (p1)
  • Revenue tackles offshore payroll use (p2)
  • Senior Tory sees shift in opinion on EU (p2)
  • Half of mortgages in the south are interest-only (p4)
  • Analysis: Motor industry (p9)
  • UK Coal investors to vote on rescue proposal (p22)
  • Guardian still sees a future in print (p23)

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