News digest 3 October 2012

News digest 3 October 2012

03 October 2012

The top story of the day is Labour leader Ed Miliband’s keynote address to the Labour party conference. The speech gets positive coverage in most papers; Miliband addressed conference for over an hour without any notes. He cited a focus on one nation coming together rather than the divisive approach of the Con Dem coalition government. Miliband called on the country to come together and castigated the Tories and prime minister David Cameron for broken promises on jobs, growth, the recovery, the NHS et al. Miliband summed it up as follows: "Have you ever seen a more incompetent, hopeless, out-of-touch, U-turning, pledge-breaking, make-it-up-as-you-go-along, back-of-the-envelope, miserable shower than this prime minister and this government?"

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey warmly welcomed the speech: “It is the best speech from a Labour leader I have heard and it will offer genuine hope to voters. Ed Miliband made it abundantly clear that Labour will get us off the miserable path dug by this government. We can now start hoping once again - working-class people can feel that the party is back on their side. Ed’s promise is to restore our country to its people. Decent homes and services; fairness before favours for the rich and powerful; our NHS back where it belongs, in public hands – these will make us thrive again. Labour must speak for the public against the rampage of private interests.  Speak for the people whose talents are wasted and aspirations destroyed. Shake up our banks and take back our NHS. And yes, put the burden on those with the broadest shoulders. That is the agenda set out today." Now we just need to turn the Labour leader’s words into action…

And from Labour to the Tories and the party continues its rebranding as nasty once more. Chief whip Andrew Mitchell continues to get negative coverage over ‘plebgate’ while as if they hadn’t attacked women enough the new Tory women’s minister features on the front page of the Telegraph calling for the abortion limit to be reduced to 20 weeks. There’s no comment from new health secretary Jeremy Hunt, probably because the Mail reports he is counting his money as he rakes in £500,000 a year from his cabinet job as well as outside business interests.

Talking of MPs and business interests and former security minister Gerard Howarth says that MPs must be given a vote over any BAE merger while the deal looks more shaky as many papers report on rifts between the different parties with the Indie saying there is a row about the headquarters while BAE investors say they have been frozen out or talks. However there is some good news as Qatar Airways has said it backs the bid.

And talking of transport, as the Mirror features Unite’s Diana Holland outlining pressures in the bus industry, FirstGroup has been thrown into confusion after the government announced it had scrapped the decision to award the UK's multi-billion-pound West Coast Main Line rail franchise after flaws were discovered in the contract process. A number of civil servants have been suspended at the Department of Transport while the cost of reimbursing the companies for the cost of their bids will be £40 million, the transport secretary has apologised although it looks like this will be shunted into the sidings for quite a while.

However one process getting the go ahead is the 4G phone deal as mobile firms thrashed out a deal with the government to let the superfast service roll out. EE will launch its 4G service later this year while other operators will be able to roll out their services early next year, six months earlier than hoped. Let’s see if that agreement stands…


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Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Ed co-opts One Nation as he takes centre stage (p1/8-9)
  • MP attacks exam plans (p6)
  • Miliband launches appeal to Labour’s lost voters (p8) - Len McCluskey quoted
  • Demand for earlier police interventions to end grooming (p10)
  • And today’s economic forecast is: Wildly out – David Wighton (p27)
  • Search for buyer as Waverley runs out of juice (p37)
  • It was our fault too, says bank of England economist (p37)
  • Deal means 4G will soon be everywhere (p41)
  • Banking scandals take their toll on Barclays and UBS (p45)
  • ‘Toxic’ reforms won’t work [for eurozone], says new (ILO) chief (p47)








FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Blow to nuclear hopes after French and Chinese shun bid (p1)
  • Miliband reaches out with ‘on nation’ Labour vision (p1/2)
  • Politicians set sighs on bridging skills gap (p3)
  • Talks pave way for $G go-ahead (p4)
  • Building sector continues to shrink (p4)
  • Is the age of unlimited growth over? – Martin Wolf (p17)
  • Higher pay may be good economics as well as good politics (p17)
  • FSA to tighten up listing rules (p21)
  • Samsung sues over iPhone 5 patent claims (p25)
  • Babcock to integrate defence units (p26)
  • FirstGroup faces setback (p27)


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