News digest 2 October 2012

News digest 2 October 2012

02 October 2012

The Labour conference continues to dominate the political headlines with strong interventions from union leaders and many attacking the party for backing the Con-Dem's public sector pay freeze. Unite's Len McCluskey told conference that asking the poorest to make further sacrifices is the road to political ruin with his speech getting the biggest cheer of conference so far. Len said: “A public squeeze while the City continues to let rip is simply not acceptable. Asking the poorest for further sacrifices for a crisis they did not cause is the road to political ruin and defeat at the next election. It is time for Labour to once and for all turn its back on the neoliberalism of the past." Len laid out that the challenge was not a false ‘jobs versus wages’ argument and was backed by Unison’s Dave Prentis who added to the call for “an agenda for growth.” Miliband and Balls are standing firm in the backing for the ongoing pay freeze of public sector pay on the grounds that protecting jobs is a higher priority, but McCluskey countered that: “Labour must give hope to people in the country who are struggling, and be bold and determined.”

There was applause for Balls – in the keynote speech of the day - as he proposed spending the money from the sale of the 4G mobile spectrum - estimated at £3 billion - to build over 100,000 new ‘affordable’ homes as well as the call for a stamp duty holiday for first time buyers purchasing homes up to £250,000. Balls argued Labour must give young people hope and rebuild Britain for the future: "That is our challenge. That is our mission. Let us rise to it together." Speaking at a fringe after Balls speech, Len said the public sector pay freeze doesn't make economic sense, but he praised Balls' speech as "very, very good."

Today there is however mixed news for Ed Miliband – who makes his keynote address this afternoon where he is due to focus on the 'forgotten 50 per cent'. A poll in the Indie shows that just one in five voters think he has what it takes to be prime minister, and more crucially Labour is still not ahead of the Tories in terms of trust on the economy, perhaps Miliband needs to go back to his cerebral roots? Well he could perhaps do with taking on board the thoughts of Eric Hobsbawn who died yesterday, one quote springs to mind: "We have no clear perspective on how the crisis can lead to a socialist transformation and, to be honest, no real expectation that it will." Hobsbawn wrote that in 1978; almost 35 years on and that message is still true and still to be acted upon. There has to be another way…

Elsewhere on the business front the BAE-EADS merger remains in the headlines with an argument that the merger is for business reasons and not about job losses, let’s hope Enders is true to his word. The on-off-on again Glencore-Xstrata merger runs in to trouble and looks like it may be off again, while in France Arcelor-Mittal threatens a French furnace with closure, creating more headaches for French president Francois Hollande who is facing pressure after his austerity focused budget last Friday.

Over on the other side of the Atlantic and US president Barack Obama and his Republican challenger the gaffe prone Mitt Romney are swotting up ahead of the first presidential debate tomorrow night, at least neither will have to agree with Nick, and finally back in Britain there’s one piece of good news for fans of Cadbury’s chocolate as a few of the papers report that nearly a century after the first Dairy Milk bar rolled off the production line in a purple wrapper the company has won the legal right to stop other chocolate makers using the distinctive colour, from now on Nestle is not allowed to use the signature shade, let’s hope Cadbury also makes no changes to Cadbury’s chocolate recipes…


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