News digest 2 November 2012

News digest 2 November 2012

02 November 2012

Today’s digest opens with a wave of angry badgers on their way to Defra to demand that as they have been given a stay of execution then so should the Agricultural Wages Board. Unite national officer Julia Long said: “The ‘badger’ protest makes a serious point – if the government could stop the cull of the badger population very abruptly – it could easily do the same for the AWB.” Nuff said.

Away from the AWB and another acronym crops up across the papers, PPI or payment protection insurance. The spiralling bill over mis-sold payments insurance has now hit £10.8 billion exceeding that of the pensions and all banks are facing charges with Lloyds hardest hit at £5.3 billion. And it is not just PPI that has the banks under pressures as Barclays is facing claims over fixing of energy prices, Britain’s banking system does not look like it has been effectively regulated…

And talking of banking regulation three independent reviews into the Bank of England have found a culture of excessive deference and hierarchy which is damaging the bank’s effectiveness. The Mail best sums it up as: ‘How Bank of England botched the crash – and the recovery’, no argument there. 

But there’s plenty of argument on the coalition as deputy prime minister Nick Clegg took prime minister David Cameron to task over his stance on Europe, Cameron himself is struggling to look both ways, but his management has been called into question after the failed vote and his claim that the good news will keep on coming, the collapse of Comet has seen 6,000 jobs in danger, not sure what’s good about that?

Cameron has also come in for criticism from top women civil servant Helen Ghosh who says the PM has a problem with women, that would be why they seem to be bearing the brunt of the cuts and if you want to see how Cameron’s cuts are affecting our communities then check out the piece in the Indie that highlights how Stoke council is being cut to shreds.

And saved from being shredded is a snake in the foreign office after many papers have reported that William Hague’s foreign office has spent £10,000 on restoring a stuffed anaconda, real value for money that, but then Whitehall does not really do joined up with its savings as the Morning Star reports that the Con-Dems have followed London mayor Boris Johnson’s lead and banned the Morning Star from Whitehall. As the paper of record for unions and industry you would think they’d have remembered the old proviso ‘know your enemy’ but then this shower doesn’t seem to know the proverbial you know what from its elbow…

Morning Star

 Daily Mirror




 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Revenue cuts deal with tax evaders (p1)
  • Irregular payments found in SFO accounts (p3)
  • Clegg ridicules Cameron’s false promise on EU (p10)
  • £10,000 sting ion the tail as Hague pays to stuff snake (p19)
  • Clarke reforms to send jail numbers in reverse (p25)
  • Governor hid £62 billion rescue fund from directors (p51)
  • Shell profits battered (p52)
  • Lloyds puts aside £1 billion extra for PPI (p55)
  • Factory orders fall (p56)
  • Toyota hit by [China] boycott (p58)
  • Recession, rain and regulation hit BT (p59)
  • Ford lines up its next chief (p61)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Bank of England’s culture attacked (p1/3)
  • PPI bill hits £10.8 billion (p1)
  • Sharp admits to doubts about its survival (p1)
  • Cameron faces EU budget blind (p2)
  • Cable backs stitch in time for textile industry (p4)
  • Falling export orders show economy struggling (p4)
  • Hammonds switches tack on second aircraft carrier (p4)
  • Shell warns on refining boom (p17)
  • Barclays case shocks energy market (p19)
  • Chrysler outpaces domestic rivals (p20)
  • Mullay exit talk rejected by Ford (p21)
  • BT cost cutting pushes profits up (p22)

Edited by Mik Sabiers

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