News digest 1 November 2012

News digest 1 November 2012

01 November 2012

The digest opens with a short video of Tesco drivers from Doncaster who descended on parliament to protest over their threatened sacking unless they accept worse terms and conditions. The Tesco drivers, who face losing their jobs by Christmas, took their protest to the Tesco Express store near the Houses of Parliament before meeting with local MPs to highlight their plight: Watch the video:

From trucks to cabs and there’s widespread coverage of callous administrators PWC who yesterday sacked 156 workers at the black cab firm Manganese Bronze. Unite national officer for the automotive industry Roger Maddison said: "Previously PWC were telling us there were significant interested parties. Now the administrators are ruthlessly sacking over 150 highly skilled workers at the iconic black cab maker. The black cabs are world famous and we believe this company has a future. How can PWC treat this company as a going concern with virtually no staff?”

From cabs to cars and GM is in the headlines as it announced its latest results, while US operations saw a rise in profits, its European arm faces further losses and the Telegraph reports that 2,600 jobs will go from its European operations by the end of the year, 2,300 have already been identified with 300 more to be found.

And jobs are also under threat on the high street as the electricals chain Comet is on the brink of collapse. Sales have plunged for the private equity owned firm which runs 240 stores as shoppers shift online and consumer spending is squeezed.

Talking of well-known brands both the Mirror and the Sun report follow up on the sale of Branston Pickle to Japanese firm Mizkan, bemoaning the loss of what were iconic British goods. The Mirror lists Britain for sale including the loss of Weetabix, Asda, Raleigh, Rolls-Royce cars and Cadbury. The Sun sums it up as ‘Not made in Britain’ but the real message is how will the economy grow if iconic businesses are shifted abroad?

And finally someone who may want to hide away abroad is prime minister David Cameron. The top story in all the papers is the humiliation for the prime minister after the Con-Dem coalition lost a key vote on the European budget after 53 Tory rebels joined Labour to demand Cameron fights for cuts to the EU budget at the forthcoming summit. Cameron accused the opposition of posturing, but then his continued floundering is getting to him with a lacklustre performance at PMQs yesterday, once MPs get used to rebelling it can be hard to put the genie back in the bottle, expect yet another relaunch or a U-turn soon, otherwise in the words of Paul O’Grady in the Mirror his head will be on a spike…

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Cameron humiliated on eve of budget (p1/7)
  • Boardrooms too cost to get tough on banks (p3)
  • Crisis looms for decrepit parliament (p15)
  • Wind farms U-turn provokes backlash (p20)
  • Brewers fuming over huge tax rise on beer (p46)
  • Comet hits rock bottom (p49)
  • China takes seat on Heathrow board for 10 per cent stake (p49)
  • Time to name names, Unite (p51) – Unite cited
  • Bank staff who missed sales targets ‘faced sack’ (p53) – Unite cited
  • Barclays in US spotlight over price fixing (p53)
  • Jobs warning from GSK (p55)
  • BAT changes senior guard (p55)
  • Lock in at black cab factory after 156 staff lose jobs (p56) – Roger Maddison quoted
  • Games stadium builder ‘bought worker blacklist’ (p57)
  • CBI chief: Two per cent growth to be the norm (p59)
  • GM prepares for shake-up (p63)
  • Ryanair looks for a million passengers (p63)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Rebels deal blow to Cameron (p1)
  • 6,000 jobs under threat at Comet (p1)
  • Infighting flares over green energy (p2)
  • ‘Lacklustre’ economy to crawl out of recession (p2)
  • BoE delays reply to crisis reviews (p4)
  • Investor concerns over BG revision (p17)
  • Barclays faces fine (p17)
  • GM sees green shoots in Europe (p20)

Edited by Mik Sabiers

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