Len McCluskey on two-day election tour of Wales ‘to dr...

Len McCluskey on two-day election tour of Wales ‘to drive out the Tories’

13 April 2015

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey is due to visit Wales tomorrow (Tuesday 14 April) for a two-day election tour aimed at 'sending the Tories packing because they offer no hope for the people of Wales'.

With 23 days to go until the general election, the general secretary of the biggest union in Wales, Unite, is urging the people of the nation to turn out for Labour on 7 May. 

Len McCluskey’s tour highlights a visit to the target seat of Cardiff Central where Labour wants to topple the Liberal Democrats and the E-Cycle centre, formerly Remploy, at Tonypandy which was set up with Welsh government support after the coalition pulled the plug on Remploy across the UK throwing disabled workers onto the scrapheap.

In an effort to speak to as many Welsh voters as possible over tomorrow and Wednesday, Len McCluskey will join with shadow Welsh secretary Owen Smith to call upon the Welsh people to 'drive the Tories and Ukip from your great country with the sound of their thumping defeat and your calls for hope and equality ringing in their ears.'

He will say that Tory assaults on the government of Wales have been without foundation and repugnant - but have backfired massively by exposing the Tories as a party with no care or feel for the Welsh people.

Len McCluskey will say: "David Cameron hear this now - your attacks on the NHS in Wales are an attack on our NHS across these lands, on every NHS employee who works tirelessly to care for people in need, on every man, woman and child for whom our NHS is the best and most decent thing about our country.

“Hear this too, we are sending you notice - pack up your smears, fears and attacks on our people because you are not wanted in Wales."

Unite Wales secretary Andy Richards will welcome the general secretary to Wales: “This is a general election of a generation where much is stake for our workplaces, our communities and, indeed, for Wales.

“We look forward to taking the general secretary to E-Cycle where we can witness first-hand the difference a government with the interests of working people at its core can make – the Conservative-led coalition was content to put Remploy workers on the scrapheap, whilst the Welsh Labour government did what they could to step in and support disabled workers.

“We need a Labour government across the UK to get the social and economic change our members want, need and deserve.”

Len McCluskey's timetable for mobilising Wales' union member voters is:

Tuesday 14 April 

  • 12.30: Next to the statue of Nye Bevan in Cardiff city centre, Len McCluskey, Owen Smith MP and Jo Stevens, Labour prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) for Cardiff Central will meet with voters to hear their views.
  • 14.30: Visit to E-Cycle (formerly Remploy), Williamstown, Tonypandy to see how E-Cycle was developed from the former Remploy factory as a result of Welsh government support,
  • 17.30: Speaking to members in the Cardiff and Vale area about the election

Wednesday 15 April

  • 11.45: Len McCluskey will head to Torfaen to meet Unite members and Labour candidate Nick Thomas-Symonds.
  • 14.00: Following this, the general secretary will head to Neath with Chris Rees, the candidate for Labour for the constituency.


Notes to editors: 

  • The media are invited to meet with Len McCluskey during this trip. If you want to speak with him, please call Alex Flynn, Unite head of media and campaigns on 07967 665869 and/or Unite press office on 020 3371 2061. 
  • Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union with over 1.4 million members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Len McCluskey.