CPHVA/Unite awards winners for 2013

CPHVA/Unite awards winners for 2013

14 March 2013

The 2013 Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association (CPHVA)/Unite Awards took place on 13 March at IET London: Savoy Place, recognising the extraordinary work that CPHVA members carry out every day with huge dedication, and without complaint.

Award shortlisted nominees and winners announced below.

Community practitioner team of the year
Restorative Supervision Programme Team - South Warwickshire Foundation Trust
The Restorative Supervision Programme Team is a group of health visitors with a passion to improve the health and wellbeing of their community colleagues. Through the model of restorative supervision the programme has reduced burnout, stress and compassion fatigue for over 2000 community professionals across the UK.

The Northenden Health Visiting team – Northenden Health Centre, Manchester
This highly skilled team effectively manages a socially deprived area with the full range of health visiting challenges and still manages to remain cheerful at the end of the day. Staff members are always willing to help others out and offer help to other teams, and there is even a waiting list of people wanting to join.

SSAFA Community Practitioner Team – British Forces, Cyprus
The SSAFA community team works in Cyprus with British military families posted to this small island in the Mediterranean. The team developed the HealthZone scheme, offering a 'one stop' access to health visiting services, which is now an established feature of community life well used by all the practitioners within the community team and other agencies.

The community practitioner team of the year winner is The Northenden Health Visiting Team

Community nursery nurse of the year
Maggie Horne - Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust
Maggie has co-facilitated parenting skills courses and autonomously instigated, in collaboration with the local children's centre, groups for families with children who have additional needs, ensuring inclusion of individuals who might otherwise be excluded or unable to access services.

Rebecca Jaffri - Barts and the London NHS Trust
Rebecca is the lead nursery nurse in service development and innovation, working closely with school nurses to develop and implement standardised care pathways and lesson plans that deliver research-based, client-friendly health promotion sessions for children and parents.

Sally Robinson - Kent Community Health NHS Trust, Ashford
Sally empowers parents through listening and responding to parents’ strengths, supporting the parent to identify how they can build on or transfer their skills to best support the development of their child. Parental feedback is always positive when Sally has delivered a care package or development assessment. The health visiting and school nursing teams state that Sally is the representative for a seamless universal service.

The community nursery nurse of the year winner is Sally Robinson

CPHVA team manager/team leader of the year
Morag Robertson - Glasgow City Community Health Partnership (CHP) North East Sector
Working in an area of substantial deprivation Morag provides outstanding care for her clientele within her practice, acting as an advocate and role model for clients and staff alike. She continually demonstrates respect for both colleagues and clients whilst practicing a transparent philosophical rationale for decisions and choices.

Naledi Kline - Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
Naledi’s dedication to the families she works with is coupled with immense support for staff. Naledi combines clinical knowledge, strategic understanding and management skills and is the embodiment of the saying, ‘Those who wish to lead must first learn to serve’.

Lavinia King – Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust
Lavinia works with some of the most deprived families in the Sandwell area of Birmingham. Since coming into post she has developed a service that is delivered in B&B accommodation and Women’s Aid hostels as well as within family homes.

The CPHVA team manager/team leader of the year winner is Morag Robertson

Health visitor of the year
Carol Wood - Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust
Carol is retiring, having been a health visitor for many years. She has always been a visionary, involved with cutting-edge projects over the years, such as database systems. She has looked after many students exceptionally well, demonstrating patience and wisdom.

Dr Tanya Dennis - Harrow Community Services, Ealing Hospital Trust
Tanya was recognised in Agenda for Change and given a specialist role. She has worked as a specialist in domestic violence for the past six years. Tanya established 'Fresh Start', a therapeutic group for women and their children run in partnership with a psychologist, which aimed to provide support to those who have suffered from domestic violence.

Lesley McKeown - South Eastern Health and Social Services Trust, Northern Ireland
Lesley is a health visitor with a busy caseload. She also has one day a week to act as breastfeeding facilitator across the trust. This involves staff training, auditing practice, compiling reports, attending various meetings and engaging with staff to motivate and encourage them to meet the high demands for UNICEF accreditation achieved by the trust.

The health visitor of the year winner is Dr Tanya Dennis

CPHVA educator of the year
Bridget Halnan - Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust
Bridget is committed to her students and their mentors, to breastfeeding and nurse prescribing. She has worked for many years as a health visitor and spent time as a tutor while completing her master’s degree. Bridget always knows what is going on at her students’ universities and supports them when she knows that they have tough assignments, warning them about pitfalls and stressful times in the course.

Mary Scott - Glasgow Caledonian University
Mary has been an assertive advocate for many years as a member of the CPHVA. During her time as a practitioner in the east end of Glasgow she led her colleagues in articulating their value and worth to the community in which she served.

Randeep Kaur - Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust
Randeep strives to achieve excellence within the health visitor service and as a practice teacher she has adopted and rolled out the long-arm mentor model. Teams have been supported with information awareness sessions on what it means to be a mentor.

The CPHVA educator of the year winner is Mary Scott

CPHVA student of the year
Hilary Baxter - Locala Community Partnerships CIC, West Yorkshire
Despite having a very busy home life with two young children Hilary completed a full-time health visiting course. While doing the course she took a particular interest in children's development of speech and language skills, developing a useful and user-friendly toolkit.

Sarah Jane Mills - Central Manchester Foundation Trust
Sarah embodies all you would wish for in a future health visitor. She has an infectious enthusiasm that spreads to all who encounter her. The South Manchester corporate caseload is exceptionally busy and covers all the usual challenges one would expect to encompass in a deprived area in terms of child protection, domestic violence, depression, dependency on substances, lone parenthood and high unemployment. This provides a fantastic learning experience for a student.

The CPHVA student of the year winner is Hilary Baxter

Community practitioner of the year
Mandy Amin - Leicestershire Partnership Trust
For many years Mandy has been a very active member on aspects of professional and industrial practice having been a staff rep, member of the CPHVA Equalities Committee, Health Visitor Forum and the National Professional Committee. Mandy also won a Mary Seacole Award for a project working with people from black and ethnic minorities.

Ruth Oshikanlu - Island Health, London
Ruth has written and published a book entitled Tune In To Your Baby, which includes a manual that women can work through from pregnancy through to age four to help them prepare for their role as parents and tune into and meet their baby’s needs. Ruth is committed to excellence and proactive in raising the bar to encourage others to strive for excellence. As a life coach she always seeks out ways to empower her colleagues. She regularly writes in nursing journals, including Community Practitioner.

Sally Clare - Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust
Sally has been an exceptional role model to all in her support of working with clients and supporting staff with all issues around domestic violence. She strives to ensure best practice is followed within the trust despite very limited resources. Sally is also a committed staff representative, supports the Regional Industrial Sector Committee and has been very active on campaigns including industrial action.

The community practitioner of the year winner is Sally Clare

MacQueen travel bursary for public health
The MacQueen travel bursary for public health winners are…

Ruth Chorley - Hope Citadel Healthcare CIC, Oldham
Ruth’s project is to “Provide Health Promotion and Education on self-care for chronic conditions in the Swahili language to the local community identified in Dodoma, Tanzania.” The aim is to build a strong partnership in health promotion between volunteers in UK and Tanzania. Selected local volunteers will be taught about chronic and tropical conditions and how individuals and communities can meet their own health needs locally.

Wendy Kelman - Caithness Health Visiting Team
Wendy’s project is “The Book Bus project in Zambia, Africa.” The project believes that every child should have the opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of books. In Zambia the ability to read, write and understand language has a big impact on the opportunities for children and can have a huge positive effect on their long term health and well-being, including work opportunities in the future. Classes in Zambian schools are very different from the UK; they can be huge, with a normal class being 50 pupils but can be up to 100.

School Nurse of the year
Claire Capewell - Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust
Claire Capewell is a SCPHN school nurse who is inspirational to all her colleagues. Claire is innovative and has the ability to encourage staff to accept the changes that are needed to implement in the service.

Jessica Streeting - Central London Community Healthcare Trust and London South Bank University
Jess has completed a three year pilot putting 'Health at the Heart of School Life'. The project involved working full time at a busy inner London secondary school in a multi-disciplinary 'team around the child', where the school nurse is a partner, not a visitor. The benefits are that she was able to be 'visible, accessible and confidential’ which is what the British Youth Council defined as a requirement for a school nurse.

Joanne Mitchell - Pennine Care Foundation Trust, Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Community Healthcare
Joanne is a representative for Unite and, in so doing, has vocalised concerns of school nurses across a large organisation, ensuring that a group that did not have a voice before now does. She has also spoken up for the profession regionally and nationally, including lobbying Andy Burnham at the 2012 CPHVA conference where she brought to light serious concerns about safeguarding.

The school nurse of the year winner is Joanne Mitchell

CPHVA advocate of the year
The CPHVA advocate of the year winner is Pauline Watts - Department of Health

This award is different as it does not need to be someone from the ranks of the CPHVA membership, nor does it need to be a practitioner. The winner this year is someone who has proven themselves to be an advocate, who shares the CPHVA vision for community practice and is committed to advance it further. Her role means that she works with the union on professional issues, mainly concerned with health visiting, but not exclusively. Her passion and commitment cannot be questioned. She has used her ability to influence when the union has identified high-risk issues concerning practice and had good results in many cases. The winner of this award is diligent, proactive and professional and committed.

The 2013 CPHVA/Unite Awards celebrates the people and teams whose work continues to be undertaken in extremely difficult times, often with little or no recognition or appreciation.


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