Carr inquiry a cynical Tory stunt to divert attention ...

Carr inquiry a cynical Tory stunt to divert attention from cost of living crisis, says Unite

28 March 2014
The government was accused of a cynical attempt to divert attention away from the cost of living crisis as it published the terms of reference for the Carr inquiry.
Responding a Unite spokesman said: "This is a cynical Tory attempt to divert attention from the cost-of-living crisis and the gross inequalities they have created - something strong trade unionism is needed to redress. The government is also worried because Unite is starting to use leverage campaign techniques to halt the sell-off of hospitals and other NHS facilities, and exposing the sleazy links between Tory MPs and private health care companies. Unite will shortly step up this campaign regardless, in order to save our NHS.

"The inquiry is to be headed by a lawyer with anti-union form going back years - Carr has publicly argued in favour of draconian laws against unions. No-one can place any trust in his objectivity. His only role is to rubber-stamp George Osborne's campaign messages."