Cameron’s attempts to hoodwink will backfire: his gove...

Cameron’s attempts to hoodwink will backfire: his government means deeper cuts, more poverty

01 October 2014

Reacting to the speech to the Conservative party conference 2014, Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite, the country’s biggest union, said:
“The truth is that David Cameron is promising not just more of the same but a whole new round of faster, deeper cuts, finishing the job of destroying our public services.
“The millions of working poor in this country will not be helped but hounded, pilloried by ministers who have never faced the choice between eating and heating.  Our young people will be left without hope or expectations of a job, a living wage or even a roof over their heads.
“Claims to compassionate conservatism are laughable - this was long ago crushed underfoot in the foodbank queues.  And who does Cameron think he is trying to hoodwink with his claims to share the values of the trade union movement?  This from the party that has done more to make working people impoverished and insecure than any government since Margaret Thatcher.  It cosies up to the hedge funds and tax avoiders that take from our nation while robbing £500 a year from the hardest working people in the country.
“His efforts to position himself as the saviour of the NHS are simply insulting.  This will not cut it with those who rely on a struggling service, the public who see it being gift-wrapped for big business and certainly not with the men and women holding it together, in despair at what his government is doing to our most important public service.  The bald truth is that the NHS is being privatised before our very eyes and will not survive another five years of Tory government.
“However the Tories sugar-coat it today, a vote for that party means five more years of economic ruination and dishonourable attacks on ordinary, decent people.  
“Yes, our nations absolutely have a stark choice. It is between a government for the people and a government for the privileged. Next May, Cameron and his cronies should be shown the door.” 
For further information, please contact Unite press office on 020 33712065.
 Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union with over 1.4 million members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Len McCluskey.
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