Cameron resorts to ‘the politics of fear’ to hide fail...

Cameron resorts to ‘the politics of fear’ to hide failings, says Unite

10 October 2012

David Cameron conjured up ‘the politics of fear’ in his speech to the Conservative party conference today (Wednesday 10 October), said Unite, the country’s largest union.

Unite’s general secretary Len McCluskey said that the prime minister used the spectre of an aggressive global market to mask the failings of his austerity-obsessed government.

Len McCluskey said: “David Cameron says that we must ‘sink or swim’ as a country – yet, he has cut the life belt for the millions of Britons struggling to find work and juggling to make ends meet with squeezed household incomes.

“He has conjured up the politics of fear – always the last resort for a politician facing the reality of their failed policies. It was a speech devoid of hope aimed at frightening people into submission, and accepting the coalition’s unfair and divisive policies.

“David Cameron has raised the spectre of an aggressive global market to hide the truth about his domestic policies that have seen youth unemployment soar to record highs and the NHS rapidly being privatised.

“And the only beneficiaries of his chancellor’s flawed economic strategy are the millionaires receiving a £40,000 income tax cut and the out-of-control City elite that kick-started the financial crisis in the first place.

“Britain is the seventh richest country in the world and we have the resources to boost manufacturing capacity, and provide proper jobs, high quality education and a truly national health service for all.

“Yet, Cameron’s policies are designed to benefit a minority, when what we need is a manifesto of hope for the many.”


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Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union with 1.5 million members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Len McCluskey.