Cameron exposes shameful lack of concern for real issu...

Cameron exposes shameful lack of concern for real issues besetting Britain, says Unite

03 July 2013

David Cameron today (Wednesday 3 July) misused his office and prime minister's questions to indulge in shameful cheap political shots, the general secretary of Unite, Len McCluskey said today.

Len McCluskey accused Cameron of trivialising serious concerns, including those relating to the rising number of people turning to food banks, and of having little care for the genuine concerns of ordinary people.

Len McCluskey also stated that over-heated media commentary about who ‘runs Labour’ is baseless, making it clear his full support for Labour leader Ed Miliband.

McCluskey said:  "David Cameron showed today that he has nothing to say to the people of this country who are suffering because of his government's shambolic handling of the economy.

"He dismissed questions on food banks in order to point score and cheapened the office of prime minister by signalling loudly and clearly that he does not care about people's real worries.

"He may have an obsession with me and Unite the union, but I can assure him it’s one that is not shared by the one million young people stuck on the dole, or at the food banks turning people away or among the patients being treated in hospital corridors.

"He also reminded the millions of trade unionists in this country that they are not welcome in the Conservative party, and indeed that they hold trade union members in contempt.

"There can be absolutely no question about who runs the Labour party: it is Ed Miliband and he has my full support. Yes, there may be issues we disagree on, that is allowed in a democratic party, but Unite is fully behind Ed Miliband and after today’s performance by Cameron the sooner he is prime minister the better."


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Notes to editors:

Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union with 1.4 million members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Len McCluskey.