As MPs debate RBS fire sale, Unite warns against wasti...

As MPs debate RBS fire sale, Unite warns against wasting a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity

05 November 2015

MPs debating the public stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland today must ensure the government does not throw away a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to restore trust to Britain’s banks said Unite, the trade union for UK bank workers.
Taxpayers have already lost £1 billion on their £45 billion investment in RBS since George Osborne’s fire sale began over the summer. It is forecast that the Treasury will lose up to £13 billion by the time the bank is fully privatised.
Rob MacGregor, Unite national officer for finance, said: “It is clearly absurd that the same chancellor who was prepared to attack tax credits in an attempt to save £4 billion is willing to squander up to £13 billion by selling off RBS at mates rates to the City.
“MPs must remember that RBS was taken into public ownership to prevent a total meltdown of the banking system. The public’s stake in one of Britain’s biggest banks presented us with a once in a generation opportunity to clean up the banking system, bring much needed scrutiny to the boardrooms and restore trust in the banks we all rely on.
“Before the chancellor throws this opportunity away. MPs must ask: Have those same boardrooms done anything to regain the public’s trust?”
The backbench debate will be opened by Kate Osamor, Labour MP for Edmonton.
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Debate details:
Government's stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland and the future of UK banking
Backbench Business, House of Commons
Thursday 5 November 2015 

  • Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union with over 1.4 million members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Len McCluskey.