Unite the Union's Energy Switching Group ...

Unite the Union’s energy switching group is an easy, hassle free way for members to come together to save money on their energy bills. 

Since launching the service in October 2016 Unite the Union has helped its members collectively save over £800k on their energy bills. 

British Gas, Scottish Power, nPower, Eon, and EDF have all announced price hikes. Don’t get caught out by these rises and pay more than you need to. Register your interest today to see if we can help you save for the year ahead.

It’s easy to get involved, totally free of charge and there is no obligation to switch.

Why should you register? 

1. If you have never switched energy supplier or done so in the last few years then you could be missing out on hundreds pounds of savings 

2. If you are on your suppliers standard variable tariff (the most expensive) 

3. If your fixed contract is coming to an end 

4. Get access to tariffs which are not available on price comparison sites or direct from supplier 


Hear what a Unite member who switched has to say,

Having never switched before I was intrigued to see how much I could potentially save. The whole process was super easy and I was shocked when my savings were a third (£280) of my annual bill. The only time I was a little unsure of what was happening was when my energy supply was being switched over as I didn't hear anything for a few weeks but looking back it was because they were sorting everything out in the background. I really happy with my savings and would recommend everyone to give it a go. 
Gavin, Harding 

Here’s how it works 

energy switch - how it works

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