Member get member

member get memberHere's how Unite member get member works

Every time you recruit a new member, you make Unite stronger and to recognize your help, we will give you £25 of Love2shop vouchers.

The offer is available when the person you are recruiting joins online and enters your surname and Unite membership number when asked. The special application form can be found here.

Please Note: You will receive your Love2shop vouchers when the person you have introduced has paid 3 consecutive months of subscription at the full members rate to Unite.

We know that our current members are the best possible source for new members who could benefit from all that Unite has to offer:

  • Better pay and working conditions 
  • Free legal advice at work and outside 
  • Professional support from trained officers 
  • Improved safety at work 
  • Unrivalled technical and training facilities 
  • Leading pension support and advice 
  • Political influence that ensures your voice is heard 
  • Easier access to information on employment and specialist subjects 
  • Financial benefits and members' discounts

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