The people's climate march 2015

After a resolution was submitted by the WM/6010 Birmingham Central branch, the West Midlands region is supporting the Time to Act Campaign.

Following on from the tremendous success of the People's Climate March in September, on March 7th 2015, the Time to Act on Climate Change march will bring people together again on the streets of London to demand real change and tell politicians seeking election that there is no mandate for climate-wrecking business as usual.

2015 is a crucial year for the climate. In December, governments will come together in Paris to strike a new deal for the climate - we must make our voices heard.

The demonstration on March 7th aims to put pressure on political parties before the general election, and raise the profile of climate change. It is also intended to energise and strengthen the climate movement – not an end-point but a stepping stone, it will be followed by local action immediately before the general election, the Climate Coalition lobby of Parliament in June and planning throughout 2015 towards the crucial Paris.

What are we calling for?
We want the government to act on climate change. Not just to do something – to do enough to avoid climate chaos. This means investment not in new fossil fuels but in renewables – massive amounts. It means saving energy by insulating and converting all homes and all public and private buildings, and a shift from cars to public transport. It means a dedicated workforce to create this infrastructure – one million climate jobs. And it means the UK supporting a global agreement to cut warming emissions of all kinds, speedily, with fairness and justice.

You can find out more by going to the Time to Act website, which contains much more background, including the time, route and aims of the march.

The Birmingham Central WM/6010 branch will be running a minibus and spaces are strictly limited.  Please send an email to with your full name, address and membership number to reserve a space.