Stop Stress

Over the past few months Unite have been listening to your concerns about your working life in the public sector. A quick glance at the results of our regional survey shows just how much pressure you’re under and the kind of things stressing you out, these are just the headlines, the full report will be out soon!

The results reveal what we’ve feared all along, but now we have the evidence to prove just how common stress is, so if you thought you were alone please take heart! Your reps are now prioritising issues to tackle with the employer to bring stress down, but to improve the chances of making a change means getting involved so sign the petition, share it with your colleagues and suggest they join the union!

If you want to become a member and support the drive to improve stress and mental health in the workplace please click here to join online.

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We call on the employer to adopt the Health and Safety Executive Management Standards to effectively manage and control work related stress in order to improve the level of health, well-being and organisational performance. We ask that the employer engage with recognised unions in order to assess current standards and roll out an action plan for implementation as a matter of urgency.

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