Support the Birmingham refuse workers

Birmingham city council claims it needs to make £5.2 million savings per year to waste management. The council wants to remove safety critical roles from workers at the rear of the lorries and make the driver responsible. THIS IS UNSAFE as the driver cannot monitor the rear of the lorry from the driving seat as he doesn’t have the same view. This will result in accidents to children, the public & workers

The council's only aim is to reduce costs. It  wants to downgrade OUR members and give them a pay cut of up to £5K per year.  This WILL NOT make the savings they require. The council claims Unite members can be redeployed, however, this is an unrealistic option as the affected members are unlikely to have the skills to move into alternative roles. 

UPDATE: Food bank and strike fund

All Unite offices in the West Midlands have set up food banks in support of the striking bin workers. Please support our striking members by donating long life goods. Unite is committed to helping our members during the industrial dispute, we will not allow our members to be starved back to work.

Unite West Midlands has also set up a STRIKE FUND to support members suffering financial hardship 

For further information email Karl Greenway or contact him on 0121 553 6051. Please give generously. 

The story so far...

Unite is in dispute with Birmingham city council and our members have been taking industrial action since 30 June. Unite asked the council three times to go to Acas before the dispute started and the council refused.

However, during August Birmingham city council asked Unite to meet with Acas to resolve the bin dispute. Unite agreed and on 15 August 2017 Unite & John Clancy, then leader of the council, reached an agreement with Acas. Shop stewards met the following day and agreed the terms of the agreement.

It had been agreed that the safety critical G3 team leaders jobs were to be kept & developed and that Acas would arbitrate the rest of the outstanding issues. On 18 August John Clancy (Labour council Leader) sent an email confirming the deal to all depot managers confirming the ratified deal and instructing officers to implement the agreement in line with cabinet approval.

Acas issued a public statement that proves the deal was agreed.

Unite stopped industrial action 

On 24 August Stella Manzie the highly paid and unelected chief  executive of the council claimed a deal was never done.  The council proceeded to issue redundancy notices to 113 refuse workers and backdated the letters. The council claims this is due to a risk of equal pay claims, however, Unite’s legal advice is clear that there is no such risk. The council's legal team and the union's legal team endorsed that position on 7 July.

Unite recommenced industrial action on 1 September 17. This is still ongoing.

Help us end this dispute.  Hold the council to the Acas deal.