Activist stress and mental health action

West Midlands activists tackled mental health and stress issues in the workplace at an event held in West Bromwich on Thursday 20th October 2016.  They all came together to see the results of our survey into stress and mental health and wellbeing at work, see a presentation given by mental health awareness and support charity Mind Birmingham, and then took part in workshops to discuss issues in workplaces across the West Midlands.  Activists also designed plans and gave feedback on how to help people back in the workplace.

This page contains the presentations and information from the day, as well as links and files for other useful mental health and stress awareness support material.

Don't forget - you should also sign our petition to get employers to take action on stress and mental health issues at work!

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Link Type Icon Workplace Stress - Unite West Midlands Activist Event Newsletter 0.97Mb
Link Type Icon Regional Stress Survey Results 2016 0.56Mb
Link Type Icon Mind Presentation for Unite 2.92Mb
Link Type Icon I had a black dog, his name was Depression (Youtube video) N/A
Link Type Icon Thompsons Stress At Work Fact Sheet 0.15Mb
Link Type Icon Stress, Mental Health and the Law: Warinder Juss: Thompsons Solicitors N/A
Link Type Icon Unite guide to work-related stress 0.13Mb
Link Type Icon Mind A - Z leaflet 0.07Mb
Link Type Icon Mind Birmingham training courses 0.5Mb