What has Europe done for workers and Wales?

European elections - 22 May - use your vote

We are now less than a month away from the key European elections on Thursday 22 May – elections that really matter to us here in Wales, not least because around 150,000 jobs in Wales are dependent on European funding and the Welsh government’s Jobs Growth Wales programme is part funded by the EU but also many of our workplace rights come from European legislation.

The European Parliament is, unfortunately, currently dominated by the right wing parties, if we want to protect and extend workers’ rights and the benefits we get from Europe then we need to get more Labour MEPs elected on 22 May.

Lest we forget when Cameron is talking about renegotiating our membership of the EU and repatriating rights he is talking about scrapping much of the Social Charter – things like maternity and paternity rights, equal treatment for full time, part time and agency workers and the right to paid leave to name a few.

Then there is UKIP. Scratch away at the surface and you’ll find out what Nigel Farage’s party really stands for – scrapping work place rights, higher taxes for working people, privatising the NHS and seeing cutting pay as the solution to job security. There are no two ways about it, EU law protects working people

Not being part of the EU could cost Welsh workers dearly, roughly 150,000 Welsh jobs rely directly upon European funding – jobs that would potentially be at risk if Wales left the EU. Indeed, major companies with bases in Wales and key to both Welsh jobs and the wider economy – such as Airbus and Ford – have already sounded the alarm should we ever decide to leave the EU.

Airbus visit

Ther are no two ways about it, EU law protects working people.

Europe is key to the future prosperity of Wales – Welsh people now receive around £70 extra more a year from the EU than they put in. Without the EU Wales would receive far less money for jobs and growth, the agricultural sector and community regeneration. Jobs Growth Wales – the Welsh Government programme backed by the EU – is a prime example of how we’re benefiting from our membership of the EU.

On 22 May make sure you vote for jobs, workers' rights and Wales. Vote Labour.

Please remember you need to register to vote by 6 May - every vote counts in this election.