Making Devolution Work

‘Making Devolution Work’ marks the opening of a trade union policy discussion that focuses on how we make the most of devolution for a fairer deal at work – for workers, business and other organisations and the wider economy. 

Making devolution work Eng
It is our plan B for prosperity – the beginnings of economic proposals that seek to improve the private sector without doing down the public sector. The first document ‘Making Devolution Work: proposals for prosperity’ argues for the accepted principles of collective bargaining to be extended to other areas of the Welsh economy to discuss wages, industry terms and conditions, skills, investment, apprenticeships and productively. We propose this could be done initially through piloting ‘sectoral forums’ in a number of areas of the Welsh economy.

But this is simply the start. ‘Making Devolution Work’ is setting out a devolved direction not just to improve the pay, terms and conditions of workers but to grow the private sector and therefore the Welsh economy.

Watch this space for further information as the project develops and for opportunities to get involved with the discussion.

For a better idea of what the ‘Making Devolution Work’ project is all about download a copy of the brief.