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You’ve probably heard politicians claim time and time before that each election is the most important. But the General Election on May 7th really is the election of a generation – over the past five years working people and the most vulnerable in Wales have felt the pain of the policies of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition. 

Cardiff Central campaigning

Workers, workplaces and Wales literally cannot afford another five years – the state rolled back to 1930s levels, the dark days before the NHS and a social security net with another 26 per cent of cuts and co-ordinated and consistent attacks on our hard fought employment rights.  Led by the Eton educated David Cameron we’ve witnessed Britain go backwards with our quality of life falling and the use of food banks rising.

Just over the border in England Cameron’s cronies risk leaving a jilted generation in their wake – getting rid of educational maintenance allowance (EMA), hiking up tuition fees despite the Lib Dems claims to the opposite prior to polling day and scrapping the Future Jobs Fund. Contrast this with the political will of a Labour Government in Wales that stands up for workers and the next generation: retaining EMA and the Agricultural Wages Board; protecting Welsh domiciled students from paying higher fees; bringing in the highly successful Jobs Growth Wales programme; and taking action on blacklisting and bogus self-employment.

But the only way to have a shot at the lasting social and economic change our members want, need and deserve is to vote Labour on May 7th and get a Labour Government across the UK. Let’s make sure we show this Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition the door and return a UK government works for the many not the few.