Young people key in EU referendum debate

Young people key in EU referendum debate

25 May 2016

The decision over whether the UK remains inside the European Union could depend on whether young people vote in sufficient numbers on 23 June, a revealing opinion poll shows.Responding to the poll, Simon Ellis, Chair of Unite Wales’ Youth Committee said:

“Young people need to make sure they are registered and use their vote on the 23rd of June. Here in Wales, we know how big an impact the EU has on young people’s lives”

“Just look at Jobs Growth Wales. The Welsh Government’s programme has created job opportunities for over 17,000 young people in Wales. Many of them young people are members of Unite. Without the EU, the Welsh Government could never have offered that level of support to young people across this country”

“Apprenticeships are also vital to young people in Wales. Companies invest in Wales and others parts of the UK to have tariff free access to a market of 500 million people – that means more jobs and training opportunities for young people.”

“Membership of the EU also gives young students the opportunity to study abroad. Last year, more than 15,000 students from the UK studied elsewhere in Europe.”

“I also believe strongly that we can’t take for granted the way in which the European Union has maintained peace amongst European countries.”

“For me, it’s quite clear – young people are better of voting for the UK to remain in the EU on the 23rd of June.”


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