Unite Wales welcomes budget that invests for a fairer,...

Unite Wales welcomes budget that invests for a fairer, better Wales in tough times

09 February 2016

Unite Wales has today welcomed the Welsh Government’s Budget for a fairer and better Wales.

Andy Richards, Unite Wales Secretary commented:  “These are extremely tough times for the Welsh Government. Years of Tory cuts to the Welsh budget, with more real terms cuts to come – a 4.5% cut in the revenue budget up to the end of the decade – have meant that the Welsh Government has had to make tough choices.

The Health service is a key priority for the people of Wales. The NHS is now funded at a record level; this is extremely good news. Wales now spends more per head than England and 7% more on health and social care combined. Health spending now makes up 48% of the budget.

Unite also welcomes the continued protection for schools in Wales. This is an important part of making sure standards continue to rise. Wales spends 4% more per head than in England on Education, whilst students have also been spared £22,000 worth of debt”

“We recognise there’s still a lot more to do. Tory austerity across the UK isn’t working. I t’s quickly becoming clear that we are going to be in the fight of our lives to defend the social fabric of our country. We will continue to work collaboratively with the Welsh Government to ensure it continues to support a stronger, fairer and prosperous Wales.”