Unite Wales says TATA employees will not be guided by ...

Unite Wales says Tata employees will not be guided by “publicity seeking politicians”

10 January 2017

Following comments made to the media by Adam Price, Plaid Cymru’s economy spokesman, Unite the union has called for politicians to refrain from “opportunistic posturing”.

Andy Richards, Unite Wales secretary Andy Richards commented:  “The comments made by Plaid Cymru are deeply unhelpful at the present time. Each employee of Tata has a difficult and personal decision to make. As a union we will be guided by our members. It is for them to  instruct us as to what their collective position will be on the proposals.

"One thing is certain, our members will not be guided by publicity seeking politicians such as Adam Price, who seek to  tell our members how they should vote on the proposals from the comfort of their own secure employment and Public Service pension scheme.

"Politicians need to refrain from opportunistic posturing at the present time and let the Tata employees carefully consider all the information and come to an informed choice."


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