Unite Wales issues warning to George Osborne following...

Unite Wales issues warning to George Osborne following budget

17 March 2016

Unite Wales secretary Andy Richards has today responded to the UK government’s budget:  “This is a bad budget with ideological Tory austerity at its very core.

"Yet again it is the most vulnerable in our society that will be on the receiving end of these further spending cuts and welfare changes. Child poverty is forecast to rise every year of this parliament: A damning indictment of this Tory government.

"Plans announced in November by the Chancellor have been reviewed already and this chaotic approach is bad for families, bad for business and bad for Wales.

"The Welsh government has suffered huge cuts to its budget by this Tory and the previous coalition governments. The small increase in budget allocation does nothing to reverse six years of failed Tory austerity in Wales.

"I am deeply disappointed that the chancellor George Osborne failed to outline how this budget would save the British steel industry. Just last week, steel workers from across Wales marched in Llangollen during the Welsh Conservative party conference. George Osborne’s budget does nothing to support the workers, families and communities affected by the steel crisis.

"Austerity is a political choice and we need a clear alternative at a UK level. This budget was delivered by a chancellor that’s for tax dodgers not taxpayers, a chancellor for hedge fund managers, not small businesses, and a chancellor for the city, not for Wales.”


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