Unite Wales Health Representatives stress importance o...

Unite Wales Health Representatives stress importance of EU to sector

16 June 2016

Julie Evans, chair of Unite Wales’ Health RISC (Regional Industrial Sector Committee) has today issued a warning that leaving the EU could mean bad news for the sector across Wales.

In her statement Julie Evans said:  “The NHS is still experiencing a skill shortage and is reliant on the recruitment of doctors, nurses and other professional staff from abroad, to deliver high quality patient care and assist in reducing delays in diagnostic services & treatments.

“Any further cuts to NHS budgets and competing to recruit outside of the EU will exacerbate our current difficulties.”

Richard Munn, Unite Wales regional officer with responsibility for the sector, said:  “The Institute of Fiscal Studies has stated that leaving the EU would damage our economy and would force government spending cuts of £40 billion, meaning less money for the NHS.

“The NHS needs more funding not less funding. The NHS also relies on recruiting staff from the EU to fill vacancies.  If the UK left the EU there is a real risk that there would be an even greater shortage of skilled staff. 

“Leaving the EU would be disastrous for the NHS.”