Unite Wales calls for“common sense politics” ahead of ...

Unite Wales calls for “common sense politics” ahead of Ukip conference

26 February 2016

Ahead of Ukip’s national conference in Llandudno this weekend, Unite the union in Wales has called for “common sense” politics to prevail over the ‘divisive and dangerous politics’ of Ukip.

Andy Richards, Unite Wales Secretary commented:  “We recognise that there are lots of people fed up with business as usual. We’re playing our part in trying to change politics for the better. For those people thinking of voting for Ukip in May, it’s really important they take a bit more time to scratch away at the surface. It’s likely they won’t be too pleased with what they find.

"Ukip is a party that likes to masquerade as a party on the side of ordinary people. It is led by a privately educated ex-banker who advocates policies that definitely aren’t on the side of working people. Across the UK, they have advocated for a US style health service; higher taxes for working people while introducing tax breaks for the richest few and scrapping much of the legislation that protects people at work.

"We must all ensure Ukip don’t get their hands on the NHS here in Wales. The Ukip leader has said that health privatisation is his real belief and wants to see a US-style insurance system of healthcare. In late January, Nigel Farage admitted that he still wanted to scrap the NHS in favour of a US-style insurance scheme.

"Ukip has no answers for working people on immigration. They look to divide our communities and offer no real answers to the impact of immigration on working people.

"Ukip is a party of Tory people and Tory money as well as Tory policies. More than half of Ukip’s leadership has previously been involved in the Conservative party and the party has now taken over £5 million from donors who previously funded the Tories.”


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