Unite Wales Aerospace and Shipbuilding RISC weighs int...

Unite Wales Aerospace and Shipbuilding RISC weighs into EU debate

20 June 2016

Alan Reilly, chair of Unite Wales’ Aerospace and Shipbuilding RISC (Regional Industrial Sector Committee) has today issued a warning that leaving the EU could mean bad news for the sector across Wales.

In his statement, Alan said:  “This sector is vital to Welsh communities. Jobs in the sector bring skills and prosperity for working people. It’s vital that we ensure those benefits are here for the future generation.

“This referendum is the biggest vote people in the sector have faced in a very long time, perhaps even in their lives.

“Many reputable companies in the sector are now stressing the importance of EU membership and we’ll be campaigning to ensure Wales, as part of the UK, continues to be a member.”

Dave Griffiths, Unite Wales regional officer with responsibility for the sector said:  “I represent Unite the union members with Airbus and the associated supply and service chain industry in North Wales whilst also having responsibility for the sector in Wales. This referendum and the vote we now face on 23 June brings with it such an unknown consequential effect (if we vote to leave) on the economy and the future job security of the members and their families in Wales then it would be remiss of my duty to our members not to campaign for voting to stay in.

"The EU in this sector has delivered secure well paid jobs and generations of economic prosperity for areas decimated in the past through the decline of coal and steel industries throughout Wales.

"Vote to stay In and it’s a vote for the future of the aerospace and shipbuilding industry in Wales.”