Say No to the Trade Union Bill

What the UK Conservative government is calling the ‘Trade Union Bill’ is in reality a threat to all of our rights at work. The Bill will make law a wide range of measures that will significantly restrict trade unions and working people from organising collectively around just our basic rights at work.

The legislation will:

·        Impose a minimum 50% turnout in strike ballots

·        Insist public sector strikes in ‘essential services’ have the backing of at least 40 % of those eligible to vote

·        Abolish the deduction of union subscriptions directly from payroll in the public sector

·        Restrict facility time on all those providing public services

·        Allow employers to bring in agency staff to cover for striking workers

·        Impose a 4 month time limit for industrial action mandates

·        Criminalise ‘unlawful’ pickets – everyone at a picket line with more than 6 people!

Despite widespread public opposition the Bill was voted through the House of Commons by the Conservative majority and is currently going through the House of Lords.

But we have a chance to stop it in Wales 

Three key areas of the legislation that impact on our public services and public service workers in Wales; facility time, ‘check off’ and the threshold for industrial action relate to areas – the NHS, local government and other public services – that are wholly the responsibility of the Welsh Government not the UK Government.

In order for these parts of the Bill that impact on us to become law, the UK Government needs the consent of the Welsh Government. The Welsh Labour Government is opposed to the Bill being imposed in Wales and has tabled a motion of consent to be voted on in the Welsh Assembly on 26th January.

Make sure this undemocratic and divisive Bill cannot become law in Wales – email your Assembly Members today and urge them to vote against the LCM (Legislative Consent Motion) on 26th January. And don’t just email your constituency AM, make sure you email your Regional List AMs too – check who they are and their contact details here.

Tell your AMs that the following clauses of the Bill relate to devolved subject matters and that the Bill risks undermining not our industrial relations in Wales but the very fabric of Welsh society.

·        Clause 3 - introducing an additional 40% overall membership support threshold for industrial action in important public services;

·        Clauses 12 and 13 - enabling reporting requirements and restrictions to be placed on trade union facility time in the public sector; and

·        Clause 14 - banning ‘check off’ arrangements in the public sector.

Together we can stop this bill being imposed on us in Wales.

Join us to take action and email your AMs today.