What we do

As a major trade union, representing our members in the workplace is at our core but we also provide a number of other key services and opportunities for members. 

The union also provides a number education courses for members from union rep training, to health and safety, employment law and organising campaigns. Click here for courses in Wales.

Unite workplace representatives are encouraged to take advantage of our comprehensive training programme in order to fulfil your role effectively. The cornerstone of our provision in Wales is the Unite workplace reps introductory certificate course. Every Unite representative should attend this 10 day course, which we now offer on a day release basis. Please get in touch for more details or to reserve a place.

Whilst, as a trade union our primary role is to support our members on employment issues, trade unions have a much bigger role to play as part of wider society – our members may work in a workplace but they live in a local community.

Unite campaigns on and for a number of issues important to our members, their family and friends – against regional pay and the austerity agenda of cuts and for economic and social policies that benefit our jobs, communities and country.  We do not simply want to create better workplaces but to also create a better society for today and for the future.

For further information on Unite Wales’ campaigns take a look at our campaigns page and to get more aware of the political arm of our industrial work check out the political and policy page.