South East Equalities

We fight and campaign to remove the restraints placed upon those who face discrimination everywhere.

It is of great importance to us in the South East that we continue to give full and detailed consideration to  issues of inequality which we make claim as everyone's issues, for if we do not all take ownership to challenge issues of Inequality, then we will continue to see a decline in human rights and social justice derived from the self appointed licence of society and Industry to do what it likes when they are allowed to carry on unchallenged.

The Unite equality family in the South East is working hard on behalf of and in support of all those who face unjust or prejudicial treatment in society and the workplace simply on the grounds of their race, age, gender. sexual orientation or disability.

Each characteristic has a fully functioning and constitutional committee, and in addition we meet together on a regular basis as one big equality family, because we in the South East believe that It is essential in finding resolutions to problems, to put heads together and think, then act.

Sharon Wentworth
Education & Equalities Organiser 

Equalities sectors

Equalities sectors

Engaging with & representing our diverse membership

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lgbt link group


South East region LGBT page.

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Equality reps toolkit

Equality rep toolkit

Essential information for equality reps

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Equalities calendar

Calendar of equalities events this year.

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Equalities courses

National equalities courses run by Unite's education department.

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National & regional equalities contacts

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