Grangemouth: A Worker's Story

Grangemouth: A Worker's Story

'The Battle of Grangemouth – a worker’s story' by Mark Lyon reveals how a rich tax exile was able to take control of a vital part of the UK’s fuel and petrochemical industry – and how Scotland’s workers at Grangemouth and their union Unite fought back.

As a Grangemouth worker, Mark had a front row seat for this bitter dispute. He reflects on how the workforce was treated and how power was abused, posing serious questions for modern day Scotland as he examines how it was left to the workforce and their union to fight back for fairness:

  • Was there top-level political collusion by the Conservative party and UK government with the employer to break the strike and destroy the union?
  • How did it come to be that Scotland’s economy is so beholden to one, single rich individual?
  • Has this concentration of industrial power and ownership in so few hands been addressed – or is Scotland’s economy still vulnerable to misuse by the unaccountable?

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Unite members can use the special discount code UNITE17. All proceeds go to The Trussell Trust, supporting food banks in Falkirk and beyond. 

Mark Lyon Book Launch

Author Mark Lyon at the launch of his book in Grangemouth