Road traffic accident management service

Anyone who has been involved in a road traffic accident knows only too well that even the smallest of car crashes will cause the drivers huge amounts of time and inconvenience. This is before you even begin to think about any injuries incurred and financial loss. The aftermath of a road accident is fraught with processes which need to be followed including reporting the matter to your insurers, dealing with garages, road side recovery and of course the question as to how you and your family remain mobile while your vehicle is being repaired or you await a settlement cheque from the insurer if it is a write-off. It can feel like you are on the phone for hours if not days. Complete the application form for Union Legal Assistance.

If you are involved in a road traffic accident that is not your fault, the Unite Scotland road traffic accident management service will take all the stress out of dealing with the situation by doing everything for you. We will:

• Deal with insurers
• Arrange for your vehicle to be repaired in an approved body shop
• And you will not even have to pay your policy excess

People choose the car they drive because it suits the demands of their lives. Whether you have a people carrier, a 4x4 or a Mini, you will have chosen that car because you need it. We understand that when you have a courtesy car you need a like for like replacement. It is our policy to arrange for you to have access to a vehicle of exactly the same make, model and standard as your own while it’s being repaired – at no cost.
This service also saves you money. We provide all of the benefits that your motor insurer will try to bolt on to your motor insurance at an annual cost of around £20-30 through legal expense insurance. When you have a Unite Scotland membership card, neither you, nor any member of your family, require legal expense insurance. Opting out of your providers’ legal expense insurance can save the average two car family as much as £60 per year.

For further information contact your local Unite office..