Unite Scotland condemns the closure of Young’s Pinneys...

Unite Scotland condemns the closure of Young’s Pinneys seafood factory

04 April 2018

Closure of Young’s Pinneys seafood factory in Annan condemned as “ruthless betrayal of a local community”

Unite’s Andy MacFarlane says yesterday’s announcement of a new five year contract with M&S combined with the closure of the Annan plant is “a Mad Hatter attempt at a preposterous PR cover-up”

On Tuesday 3 April Young’s Seafood announced that it was going to consult on the closure of its Pinney’s seafood plant in Annan, which puts 450 jobs at risk. According to Young’s the closure would take place “before the end of the year” because the site is “no longer financially sustainable”.

Unite Scotland disputes that assertion and demands that in the process of consultation the company has to open its books to the union and other stakeholders to justify its ruthless abandonment of its Annan workforce in the name of profit.

Andy MacFarlane, Unite regional officer, said: “The closure of Pinneys amounts to shutting down the town. It is the ruthless betrayal of a local community that has served this company for generations. But this isn’t the last word on this. Youngs Pinneys will need to come clean on the facts to justify this. If the company can that is.”

In what can only be described as an extraordinary PR move Youngs Pinneys top line in yesterday’s PR release started with the announcement of “Three significant contracts with M&S” which would see Youngs “supply M&S…from 2018 to 2023”. Unite Scotland wants to know how the figures justifying closure in Annan can be arrived at when the potential of the new M&S contracts cannot be determined right now.

Andy MacFarlane added : “It is a disgrace that after the loyalty the workers have shown the company that they should link good news of the M&S contracts to the dreadful news of closing the Annan factory. You can only conclude that this is a Mad Hatter attempt at a preposterous PR cover up”.

Unite calls on the Scottish and UK governments to consult with Youngs Pinneys on the plans for closure and determine whether the claims of financial insustainability stands up.


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