Unite says Scottish Labour Party’s industrial strategy...

Unite says Scottish Labour Party’s industrial strategy offers progressive vision for jobs

06 July 2017

Unite Scotland today (Thursday 6th July) welcomed the launch of the Scottish Labour Party’s industrial strategy for Scotland as a long overdue foundation for developing practical plans and initiatives to protect and increase quality jobs.
The document suggests a number of steps, including the establishment of a Scottish Investment Bank, a new approach to procurement policy and consideration of forms of common ownership and it argues for a focus on manufacturing and a commitment to the goal of full employment.
Commenting on the launch of the strategy, Unite Scottish Secretary, Pat Rafferty, said: “For too long there has been an over reliance on so-called free market forces with the accompanying loss of jobs, economic instability and the growth in precarious forms of employment.”
“This document outlines a new and progressive vision and we are particularly pleased that it proposes government intervention and investment, a change in procurement rules to outlaw blacklisting, zero hour contracts and other forms of workplace exploitation, emphasises the need to rebuild our manufacturing base upon which the rest of the economy relies and seeks to shift the current agenda on automation and new technology away from one that is predicated on reducing jobs and labour costs to one which seeks to make work more productive, fulfilling and safe.”
“We are also encouraged that it recognises the important positive role of trade unions and it should now put the issue of workplace democracy firmly on the political agenda, alongside the case for devolution of employment law, which our union supports.”
“We look forward to further debate and discussions around the suggestions in the document and will be looking to contribute to further discussions on how the suggestions made can become a practical reality.”
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