Unite says Holyrood should follow Jeremy Corbyn’s lead...

Unite says Holyrood should follow Jeremy Corbyn’s lead on PFI

25 August 2016

Scotland’s biggest union says Holyrood needs to follow the example of Jeremy Corbyn, following his pledge yesterday to end PFI contracts in the NHS in England.

Unite Scottish secretary Pat Rafferty said: “In its manifesto for the last Holyrood elections, Scottish Labour pledged to review all Scottish Government PFI contracts to ensure they are delivering the best deal for the public services.  Now, Jeremy Corbyn has made it clear that there should be no place for PFI in our National Health Service. 

“This week’s revelations about PFI schools in Scotland show that these contracts are not fit for purpose, delivering dangerous buildings for our children, and gouging money out of our cash-starved public services into offshore tax havens. 

“We urgently need the Scottish Government to launch a wide-ranging inquiry into all PFI contracts in Scotland. We need to open the books - and where these contracts are shown not to be in the public interest, they should be brought to an end.” 


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