Unite helps Railcare workers pick up the pieces of red...

Unite helps Railcare workers pick up the pieces of redundancy scandal

22 August 2013

Unite Scotland will launch a new ‘Back to Work’ programme tomorrow (Friday 23rd August) for members made redundant as a result of the Railcare administration earlier this month.

Thirty-three skilled workers lost their jobs at the Springburn depot, which maintains and refurbishes rolling stock for service on the national rail network, after the UK government washed its hands of the viable company following a failed takeover.

Unite’s support programme is being delivered by it’s ‘Learn with Unite’ organisers and will provide a range of services including enrolment on Unite’s Unite 4 Jobs website, training needs analysis, financial planning assistance and fortnightly follow-up surgeries to help members back into work.

Unite learning organiser Pat McIlvogue said, “Our ‘Back to Work’ initiative is a direct response to the Railcare scandal where the UK government abandoned a viable company with a profitable order book waiting in the wings, resulting in the sudden loss of 33 skilled jobs.

Unite Scotland has an excellent reputation for delivering learning, up-skilling and training opportunities that boost employability but in this climate of economic uncertainty we need more acute interventions to support our members as best we can – that’s why are we are piloting this new programme.

Redundancy is a nightmare for any worker and the shock of unemployed can be terrifying. People need advice, empathy and support to help restore confidence and get back into work – something many people feel they can’t get through a bureaucracy that’s been gutted by the cuts itself.

This demonstrates our commitment to get our members back to work and contributing to the Scottish economy as quickly as possible. The company administrators and the government made them redundant but they are not redundant to Unite.”


Notes to Editors:  For further information please contact Pat McIlvogue, Unite Scotland learning organiser on 07918 631805  or Peter Welsh, Unite Scotland communications on 07810 157931.