Unite celebrates court victory and calls for devolutio...

Unite celebrates court victory and calls for devolution of employment law

26 July 2017

Unite Scotland responded to the decision today (Wednesday, 26 July) by the Supreme Court that the UK government was wrong to raise employment tribunal fees by repeating its call for the devolution of employment law.

The number of cases taken to employment tribunals had fallen by 70 per cent since fees were introduced, which particularly affected low paid women. The £1,500 fee had been introduced by the coalition government, despite warnings from unions that this would be a barrier to workplace fairness.  

Unite Scottish Secretary Pat Rafferty said: "What this judicial decision does is highlight the fact we cannot rely nor trust a Conservative Government to be on the side of working people. For this reason, we are repeating our calls, irrespective of any potential referendums, that employment law be devolved to Scotland as part of the post-Brexit settlement. This is essential if we are to create a fair and equal society. Unite urges all of Scotland’s elected representatives at Holyrood and Westminster to support this call.”


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