Statement by Scot Walker, Unite Convenor, 2 Sisters Fo...

Statement by Scot Walker, Unite Convenor, 2 Sisters Food Group, Cambuslang

04 June 2018

Following 2 Sisters Food Group announcement of the potential closure of the Cambuslang site, Unite the union sought to put forward various proposals as an alternative to closure.

Regrettably, the company chose to reject these proposals and elected to end the consultation when we believed there were still further options to avoid closure. 

In fact, we believe that the company were never serious about considering alternatives to closure and that the decision to close the site was taken prior to the announcement of the consultation.

Further to this the company’s decision to transfer the majority of the work to a Bernard Matthews site has entailed a further minimum 45 day consultation with Bernard Matthews which is still ongoing. 

However, Bernard Matthews have made it clear from the outset of this additional consultation that there is no option to retain the work at the site, but that rather the consultation shall be about possible relocation options or redundancy.

In addition to continuing to negotiate over an improved redundancy package, Unite is currently seeking legal advice with a view to pursuing a protective award on behalf of our members over and above the redundancy package - if successful this could be up to an additional 90 days pay for our members.

Unite intends to pursue this matter on behalf of Unite members. We are therefore asking our members to retain their trade union membership post closure. Retaining union membership will also allow continued access to many of the other union services provided by Unite post-closure.

While there remains limited time to join, we would also urge non-members to join and receive access to the benefits of union membership. Unite would encourage all those involved in this decision to speak to their local union rep about how to join or retain union membership.

In solidarity

June 2018