NuStar workers strike over intimidation and bullying

NuStar workers strike over intimidation and bullying

28 July 2017

NuStar fuel terminal workers based in Clydebank are set to take industrial action over claims of imposition and intimidation by company management. 

Unite members will take part in 24 hour industrial action on Monday (31 July) and begin a continuous overtime ban, following a lack of consultation over working terms and arrangements including over the festive periods.

The impending action follows NuStar’s refusal to engage in dialogue, despite repeated requests by Unite and the offer of conciliation services by Acas. The workers have also been placed under formal investigation, which Unite believes is directly related to the trade union activities of the workers following legal advice and in clear breach of the Trade Union Act 2016.

Unite regional officer Stephen Deans said: “Unite has over a period of seven months now repeatedly tried to engage with NuStar management over the imposition of working arrangements at Rothesay dock. The intransigence and the refusal of the company to meaningfully consult with our members including dismissing outright the offer of Acas to assist is unprecedented.”

“ Instead of engaging positively with us to avoid strike action they have now placed our members under investigation under spurious charges which only serves to show the intimidating and bullying culture that exists. NuStar can either start to discuss these issues or face ongoing action by the workers with the full support of the union.”


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