Margaret Burns 100 - 70 years a union member

Margaret Burns reaches 100 - and 70 years a union member.

01 February 2018

On the 23rd of January 2018 Margaret Burns got a card from the Queen congratulating her on her 100th birthday. Some might say she got another more important award on the same day – her 70 years badge for membership of Unite. She’s only the second member in Scotland to get one

Margaret Burns was a lifelong trade unionist. The union was her life. She was an auxiliary in WW2 and following the war went to work in a local textile company in her native town of Lesmahagow, in Lanarkshire in Scotland. It wasn’t long before she became a shop steward for the TGWU, as it was then. The rest you might say is history.

Here’s Margaret’s presentation day video:

Margaret doesn’t say too much these days. Unite’s Stevie Dillon presented her with her 70 year badge. She nodded her head when he explained what it was. It’s now got pride of place on her jumper beside her TUC gold badge. Margaret Burns - my union, my life